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Being a speaker at the Great Game of Business Conference™ is a great opportunity to share your lessons learned, inspire other business people with your journey, advance the mission of transforming 10 million lives with the Great Game of Business, and identify yourself as a leader in the open-book community. To thank you for your time and contribution to the community, speakers also receive a free conference registration.

Submission Deadline: March 31, 2022

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Speak In KC or Choose Online SessionSubmission Deadline: March 31, 2022

With the 2022 conference being hybrid, this year we will offer breakout sessions in-person in Kansas City, as well as separate online sessions for our virtual audience. In your speaker proposal, you will be asked your preference regarding the delivery method, as some sessions may be one or the other, or both. We appreciate your flexibility in helping us design the agenda to best serve all our audiences. Regardless of delivery mode, we will provide technical guidance for all speakers to ensure high production value and maximum speaker comfort.

Anyone wishing to speak at the Great Game of Business Conference must submit a speaker proposal, which will be evaluated by the Practitioner Council. The Council will rate speaker session proposals based on the goals and objectives of the conference, as well as speaker qualifications.

WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ASSOCIATES, SUPERVISORS, AND MIDDLE MANAGERS INVOLVED IN THE PRESENTATIONS! Not only is that what the Great Game of Business is all about, but practitioners and 'tire kickers' alike want to hear from the people “on the front lines” that can give them insights and inspiration to help ignite engagement in their own organizations.



Ideas to get you started

Would you like to be a speaker, but unsure what to focus on? 

Here are some questions to get you thinking…

  • What aspect of The Great Game does your company do really well that you would love to show off? 
  • Do you have an exciting financial literacy program that other practitioners could learn from? 
  • How did you originally instill (and now reinforce) the idea of forward forecasting with your team? 
  • Has offering employee ownership super-charged your company performance? What did your rollout look like? How do you help reinforce ownership thinking?
  • Have you cracked the code on dealing with common challenges like multiple locations, nay-sayers spoiling the fun, a multilingual workforce...?
  • Do you have creative ideas for developing amazing scoreboards that engage employees?  Maybe you could do a session on “10 Must-Haves for Marvelous Scoreboards”, sharing pictures of some of the great ones you’ve used…?
  • Are MiniGames your strength? You’ve probably got lots of examples to share. What’s your high-involvement process for getting buy-in from the ground up?
  • Can you guide GGOB beginners asking the question “I’ve launched the Game, now what?”  Help others learn from your successes (and failures)!
  • Can you speak from experience on the importance of humility in leadership? Put your humility aside and share your wisdom – or embrace your humility and reveal your failures!
  • Have you discovered a variety of highly-effective technology platforms for sharing the numbers and engaging employees? Don’t keep them a secret!
  • How do you get everyone, down to your front-line employees, involved in building your strategic plan and annual budget? (Do you excel at "H.I.P."?)
  • What’s your process for finding your Critical Number each year?  Do you have a step-by-step you could share?  What about departmental scoreboards?
  • What are your tried-and-true methods for conducting kick-a Huddles?  What does your number-flow look like?  What makes your Huddle special?
  • Do you involve vendors and/or customers in your Game?  How do you do it, and what are the pay-offs?
  • What are the fun ways you give rewards and recognition?  What makes these so powerful, and what pointers could you give others?
  • Do you have a highly-effective employee committee (Great Game Committee, Culture Committee) to help keep everyone involved?  Bet you have some great videos to share!
  • Have you perfected the employee on-boarding process to get everyone up-to-speed on GGOB quickly?  Do tell!!
  • What’s your secret for keeping the Game alive?  Maybe design your session around a Top 10 List…?
  • Or on the opposite side of the coin – do you have great pointers about what NOT to do when implementing GGOB, an ESOP, a business literacy program, etc.?

Are you still interested, but just not sure if your idea will hit? Are you open to presenting but think co-presenting with a coach or another practitioner might make more sense? Feel free to send a note to talk through some ideas –

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Submission Deadline - March 31, 2022

Start Your Submission

Thank you for your interest in being a speaker at the Great Game of Business Conference™, the world's largest conference on open-book management. Please read through this entire page before clicking the Start Your Submission button. In addition to explaining the submission process, this page details the requirements, benefits, and expectations related to being a conference speaker. 

Copy of Start Your Submission

The submission form will collect information about the speakers and the presentation being proposed.


The Practitioner Council will review all Submissions and score each on the following:
  • the appeal of the topic to the conference audience
  • the appropriateness of the speaker (knowledge, quality, authenticity)
  • the value of the session to the listed target audience
If you have any questions, please contact Kristi Stringer ( at 800.386.2752.


Speaker Benefits

If chosen as a speaker, your registration fee for the conference will be waived (value: $500-$1,500). This complimentary registration does NOT include: 

  • add-on Conference events such as the CEO Summit, Wednesday night networking reception, or deep-dive workshops
  • hotel accommodations or other expenses (travel, transportation, parking, meals or materials) 
  • conference registration fees or expenses for support personnel, personal camera crews, etc. 

**If you use a panel in your session, or if you are part of a panel, please note that panelists do NOT receive a free conference registration, but instead will receive a small Visa gift card.**


Speaker Requirements

If chosen to be a Breakout or Workshop speaker, you will be required to:

  • Develop an educational session that will fill the assigned time slot and include adequate time for sharing, questions, and answers
    • Breakout sessions:1 hour total (45-minute presentation -including interactivity and audience share time- and 15 minutes of audience Q&A).
    • Four-Hour Deep Dive Workshops: 4-hour time slot should be filled with a hands-on, interactive presentation resulting in multiple take-aways, and including audience share time and Q&A; one scheduled 30 minute break.

  • Submit one (1) educational blog post tied to the session topic, to help market the session (deadline: June 1, 2022). Blog post parameters to be provided.

  • Submit a PowerPoint presentation that adheres to Conference branding guidelines - template will be provided and must be utilized (deadline: August 5, 2022).

  • Provide any necessary session handouts (The Great Game of Business will not print handouts for attendees).

  • Grant The Great Game of Business, Inc. the right to audiotape, photograph, and/or videotape your presentation, and reproduce and sell the materials as it sees fit.

Session Requirements

  • Sessions must be content-driven and educational. Sessions that appear to pitch a product or service will be not be chosen.
  • Sessions presented by or co-presented with actual Great Game of Business practitioners are preferred. If you are a service provider and feel your product or service is complimentary to the principles and practices of The Great Game of Business, we recommend you co-present with a client.
  • Sessions that provide at least two tangible tools as a take-away for participants are preferred - consider what action the participants will be able to take after participating in your session.
  • Sessions that provide hands-on learning opportunities or interaction (such as small group activities) generally receive higher marks.
  • Sessions that are innovative and applicable to a broad audience are preferred.

Submission  Requirements

Speaker Proposals will be reviewed by the Practitioner Council, who will evaluate the proposals based on topic applicability (interest to the general Gathering population),  session interactivity, and session takeaways. The Speaker Proposal form asks for the following information, which must be provided to complete and submit the proposal:

  • primary speaker name and contact info, short bio, headshot, and social media handles

  • other speaker(s) name(s) and contact info, short bio(s)

  • proposed session title

  • presentation type:
    • 4-hour in-person workshop (Wednesday)
    • 60-minute in-person breakout session (Thursday or Friday)
    • 60-minute virtual breakout session (Thursday or Friday)
  • two learning objectives: boil down what attendees will get from your session into two objectives

  • two audience take-aways, for example:
    • a "how-to" guide 
    • a template 
    • a list of resources 
    • a free sample 
    • actions to take
  • session description:
    • this is where you explain what your session will be about, written to give the Practitioner Council an idea of what you plan to do in the presentation if you are selected to speak 
    • PLEASE indicate how you will make the session interactive 

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