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Community Roadmap (2)

1. who point (1)

This site is for experienced Great Game practitioners. Each company designates a Community Coordinator as a main point of contact for initiating access in the site. 

Our methodology is different because it promotes engagement and accountability from top to bottom in your organization. That's why we designed our subscription model to be open to your entire company! There is no limit to the number of individuals you would like to include from your organization, so we encourage giving access to employees at all levels of the company. After your champion is designated, recommended order of team access includes:

1. Begin by connecting your OCC or Great Game Committee. (If no committee, 5-10 employees.)
2. Connect your Management Team
3. Connect your Supervisors
4. Connect your Front-Line Employees

_2. What point

Our online community is a space for building connections with like-minded and like-hearted peers through a community of shared resources, training, networking, and education. 

Inside this Community, you will find hundreds of resources and tools to help sustain and improve your Great Game practices throughout your organization, train your team members, and receive support for specific problems you come across as we work to maximize The Game.  Some of the features of this Community include: 

  • Access to the interactive Community Directory to help you build connections in the Community. 
  • Facilitated Peer Groups carefully assembled to bring together like-minded members to hold each other accountable, and learn from one another with Great Game-supplied content. 
  • Discussion Boards providing a place to ask questions and contribute to a variety of topics. 
  • Live “Ask an Expert” sessions providing insights from experts, practitioners, and coaches, and a chance for the community to ask their questions.  
  • Hundreds of  Resources including educational tools, templates, videos, and more! Resources can be organized by category, Great Game implementation step, and industry. Additionally, we have pulled collections of resources together including:
      • The Great Game Archive
      • MiniGame Gallery
      • Video Library of our most impactful videos
      • Culture Committee Library
      • Training Bites
      • Case Studies
      • Conference Presentations
  • And training courses including our full Get in the Game course designed to walk you through the 10 Steps of Great Game Implementation, in addition to live MiniGame & Financial Literacy training courses (perfect for introducing new team members to the methodology or refreshing seasoned employees).  These courses are included in your subscription, and are available to all members at no extra cost!

3. WHERE point (1)

After registering and creating your password, log in at If you are having trouble with an individual’s access, please email to request help. 

4. WHEN point

Membership access is available upon signing the annual subscription. Those interested in purchasing an annual subscription can reach out to Steve Baker at

5. WHY point

Join the Movement!

Welcome to the one Community that together for more than 30 years has been dedicated to saving the American Dream by closing the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

This is a movement led by the belief that business has the potential to make a positive difference in the world. A movement to openly share information that once was thought of as privileged and teach employees how they make a difference every day.

Welcome to the Game-Changers committed to doing business differently. WATCH this don’t miss video expressing the values of this Community.

Together our goal has been to transform 10 million lives in 10 years. Welcome!





6. HOW point


Site Orientation - Click here!

This page helps onboard each of your team members into the site, and walk them through all the resources and features available to you in your membership. Resources include:

  • First steps
  • A tour of the Community Site
  • What's included in the site?
  • How to receive notifications and communications
  • Contact support
  • How to contribute to the Community

Getting Started Tips - Click here!

  • Onboarding new employees
  • Training
  • CEOs
  • Peer Groups
  • Culture Committees
  • Community Coordinators

Calendar of Events - see what events are upcoming in the Great Game Community.