A Stake in the Outcome


Download the book that ignited a business revolution. 

In A Stake in the Outcome, Jack Stack, the father of open-book management,  offers a master class on creating a culture of ownership, presenting the hard-won lessons of his own four-decade journey and explaining what it really takes to build for long-term success. 

A Stake in the Outcome isn’t about theory–it’s about practice. Stack draws from his own successes and failures at SRC to show how any company can teach its employees to think and act like owners, including how to implement an effective equity-sharing program, how to promote continuous learning at every level of the organization, how to fire up employees’ competitive juices, how to broaden the concept of leadership and delegate responsibility for the business, and how to build a workforce that is fast on its feet and ready to take advantage of every opportunity. You’ll also learn about other companies that have succeeded in building cultures of ownership–and the lessons they can teach the rest of us.