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"I find the sessions inspiring and invigorating."

Dave Van Belle
CEO, Van Belle Nursery

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"The amount of content."

Merrill Crawford
CEO, Charlie's Plumbing

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"Wealth of knowledge and camaraderie."

Wynette Bryant
Manager of Culture and Wealth Building, Evergreen Cooperative



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I feel Great Game brings all the employees closer together. It makes the employees along with the business owners feel valued. Responsible. It makes me as an employee feel wanted, trusted. I feel it has helped me help the business. It has helped me want to put forth just as much effort into the business as the business owner.”

Tabitha Weishaupt
Clarke EyeCare Center

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The Great Game of Business Conference™ is the only event where the open-book management community comes together from around the world to learn, share, and celebrate the principles and practices of The Great Game of Business® and open-book management. Hundreds of open-book practitioners attend this conference every year to learn innovative best practices, help introduce new employees to OBM, re-energize current employees with new ideas, and connect with other OBM practitioners.


There are many reasons that people come back to the Great Game of Business Conference year after year, including:

    • Meaningful connections with people holding similar values​
    • Insightful peer-to-peer conversations​
    • Hands-on collaborative workshops​
    • Innovative best practices from the people in the field​
    • Insights and time-tested tips, tricks and hacks​
    • Advice and support from like-minded businesspeople​
    • Resources helping businesses build on what works​
    • Encouragement, camaraderie and FUN!

This year will be no different.  Whether you choose the Dallas Experience or the Digital Experience, you will not only connect with and learn from some of the brightest minds in business, but you will walk away with TONS of actionable ideas, resources and connections.



Don't take our word for it - check out some of the comments from attendees of our most recent conferences:

2019 Conference (an all in-person event)

    • "I was truly blown away from the time we arrived until the time we left." - GUY Engineering Services
    • "...I want to go home about halfway through so we can start implementing." - Charlie's Plumbing
    • "The conference is great for remembering WHY we did this." - NCC Automated Systems
    • "I really enjoyed meeting people with similar situations and seeing how they deal with them." - Willoway Nurseries
    • "The openness of the experience was amazing." - Casey's New Orleans Snowballs
    • "The culture of GGOB and the conference feels like waking up the dead!" - Planetary Engineers, Inc.
    • "It really helped me fully understand The Game and opened my eyes." - Intrust IT
    • "There is so much valuable information and insight. There is no way to verbally express the value to others - they need to experience it for themselves." - Evergreen Cooperative Corp.
    • "So much information exchange that will change your business." - Pipe and Duct Systems

2020 Conference (an all virtual event)
    • "Great content, highly engaging and a great group of people. Virtual conferences are hard and this one somehow pulled off that feeling like we were all at the same venue. Great job!" - Traction Tools
    • "This is an amazing conference with energy to send a rocket to the moon! Even when it's virtual!" - Catapult Consulting
    • "I have over 20 pages of notes, which I can't wait to dive into with the team." - Greene County, MO
    • "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I loved the online format, personally. Being able to do it off site was nice, but doing it online allowed us to send more people and inspire more employees in our organization." - SRC Logistics
    • "Since more folks from our company participated in the live conference we had some folks cross the line from not involved or involved at a low level to wanting to be involved at a higher level."  - CM's Outdoor Solutions Group
    • "All the best people are here. It's an energy shot every year." - WebIT Services


    • Business leaders considering implementing open-book management and The Great Game of Business.
    • Owners and managers looking to increase accountability, transparency, and engagement within their organizations.
    • Employees whose owners/managers want to drive open-book and The Great Game of Business further into their organizations.
    • Practitioners at all levels looking to renew their Great Game® efforts and energy.
    • Long-time practitioners of The Great Game of Business ready to share best practices with the open-book community.
    • All types of industries, including service, manufacturing, retail, education, government, not-for-profit, construction, & distribution.
    • Professionals needing CEU Credits.

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