[The SRC Experience & Get in The Game Workshop is] the most well-run, diverse, interesting and stimulating 4-day workshop I've ever attended. The program is presented by enthusiastic, well-educated people with a lot of obvious advance preparation.

Carol Betz Heritage Aviation

Practicing the Great Game is like flicking a big switch that suddenly illuminates the financial landscape of a business for your staff; the transparency enables you to build accountability up and down your organization, engage and empower your people and deliver better results to the bottom line.

Ed Dorian Dorian Drake International

If your team doesn’t understand the rules of business how can you expect them to be successful?

Glen Thoroughman Laron, Inc.

Over the past three years we have increased our employee engagement, knowledge of the company and our revenue (over 51%) by practicing open-book management!

John Martin Caltex Protective Coatings

The Great Game of Business keeps the team focused on the goals to win.

Beth Walters Sun Design

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