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Fresno First Bank

Company Background

Fresno First Bank is a community bank started in 2005 that is dedicated to meeting the banking needs of businesses, professionals, and successful individuals in central California. The bank’s board of directors wanted to find a way to increase its bottom line by reducing expenses.

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Goodall Homes

Company Background

Goodall Homes, a residential home-building company based outside Nashville, Tennessee, wanted to run a leaner and more agile company. They also wanted to find a way to teach their team the discipline to look ahead and take advantage of downturns in the housing market.

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Induction Heat Treating Corp.

Company Background

Induction Heat Treating Corp. hardens steel products through the induction heating process for customers in the automotive, construction, agricultural, and military sectors. The company was searching for a solution to help improve profits.

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Company Background

Wall-tech has been providing exterior painting, interior painting, metal stud framing, drywall, taping, finishing, EIFS, stucco, plaster, sandblasting, firestopping and fireproofing services since 1984. After CEO Pete Braun led a buyout of his company from its other shareholders in 2013, he saw the opportunity to create a more employee-focused culture for his business.

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Jenner Sales Corp.

Company Background

Jenner Sales Corp. is the Case IH Agriculture Application Equipment Distributor for the states of Illinois and Indiana serving its customers for 54 years and counting. While the business has been successful over the long haul, it was looking for a system that would get everyone inside the company growing in the same direction.

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West Paw Design

Company Background

West Paw Design is a world-class manufacturer of eco-friendly and high-quality pet toys and beds based in Bozeman, Montana. The company wanted to find a way to distribute leadership and decision-making to all of its associates.

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Greene County Missouri

Company Background

The administrators of Greene County, Missouri, had long admired the business practices of one of its homegrown companies, SRC Holdings. While running a public-sector organization is very different than running a for-profit business, county administrators believed they could benefit by implementing some of the GGOB’s best practices.

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NewStream Enterprises

Company Background

NewStream Enterprises, an SRC company that has been playing the Game since its birth in 1990, provides customized product-flow management services to manufacturing companies large and small. Its 60 employee-owners label, pack, store, control, and ship customers’ products all over the world. Today, NewStream (Springfield, MO) generates annual revenue of $37 million.

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Kindermusik International

Company Background

Kindermusik International (Greensboro, NC) is an award-winning provider of innovative music-education programs for young children (up to age 7) and their parents and caregivers. Its 5,200 licensed educators in 35 countries teach music and movement classes using Kindermusik’s own age-appropriate lesson plans, books, audio CDs, instruments, games, and other activities. The 25-year-old company is managed by its 55 enthusiastic employee-owners.

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Laron Incorporated

Company Background

Laron Incorporated, a $16-million, full-service, world-class machine and repair shop, serves regional utilities, power plants, global mining companies, and other large industrials that need “super-size” field and shop equipment repair work. The company’s 90 skilled (hourly) craftsmen weld, grind, mill, fit, install, survey, align, drill, rig, repair, test, and more. They’re based in Kingman, AZ.

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