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Location: Oak Park, Michigan

2017 Revenues: $15.5 million

Employees: 52

The Critical Number™: Net Profit

Organization Background

imageOne is a 27-year-old company that provides managed print services including sales and service for copiers, printers, and scanners in addition to supplies and software solutions. 


Initially, to reverse a scary financial slide where revenue and profit growth had gone negative. More recently, to help address a key lost customer account.


Embrace the principles of the Great Game, including teaching financial literacy company-wide, to unite all employees to think and act like owners.


Since imageOne embraced the Great Game of Business, they’ve enjoyed a significant increase in accountability within their culture. “Our team members are now more aware of the cost of running the business and how they can impact it,” says co-founder Rob Dube. “We’ve noticed an increased awareness of how the everyday tasks and activities of every single team member contribute to our bottom line, our purpose, and our values.”

imageOne has also seen growth in revenue and profit each year since they implemented the Great Game—despite some serious roadblocks. In 2017, they lost one of their largest customers due to an acquisition—a transaction that resulted in a net loss of $800,000 in annual revenue at imageOne. Even with that loss, the company finished the year $300,000 ahead of the previous year’s results thanks to the combined efforts of the entire team—which promises to put them on a path to reaching $18,000,000 in revenue by the end of the year. “Once our team understood the impact every single individual could have on our bottom line, they understood how much fun playing The Game could be at the same time,” says Dube. “We have seen so much creativity and fun in MiniGames, visuals, rewards, and huddle activities.”


The impact of the GGOB can be seen in our profit growth. Transparency and open-book management allows each person to understand their value on the team and how their direct hard work and individual ideas are significant to the success of the company. I feel a sense of purpose, which adds quality of my life-work balance.” ~ Stephen Brunson, Technical Lead


MiniGame™ Spotlight

ImageOne scoreboardPlaying MiniGames at imageOne has had a tangible impact on the business to the tune of more than $52,000 last year alone. A more recent MiniGame the team played called “Reset the Savings,” which was aimed at helping boost the company’s year-end bonus pool, netted the company more than $10,000 in savings in just five months.

Dube has also created a new position called “MiniGame Champion,” whose goal is to keep the entire team motivated and focused on keeping MiniGames top-of-mind for each department within the company to solve problems. The team also employs a highly visible MiniGame scorecard to highlight which teams have played a MiniGame each quarter.

“Each month at our company meeting, our MiniGame Champion, Samantha, gives a MiniGame savings update and does a deep dive into one current MiniGame, recognizing its success and encouraging more participation,” says Dube.

In terms of rewards, Dube says that some of his team’s favorite rewards include dinner at popular local restaurants, Visa gift cards, spa days, and charitable contributions of the team’s choice.


“MiniGames are one of the things that always come to mind when I think of the Great Game of Business. Encouraging team members to come up with MiniGames to not only save money, but to also fix or create new processes, has been extremely successful not to mention fun to create and play. It's amazing how engaged team members become when they visibly see a game board and hear the incredible results and ultimate savings that their participation has resulted in.” ~ Elaine Trotz, Purchasing Manager


What's Next

A continuing goal for Dube in the coming years is to invest in his team’s financial literacy—especially when it comes to extending accountability and ownership of the expense lines on the income statement and in helping the team understand how its different vendor rebate programs impact the company’s profitability.

Dube is also excited about the progress his team has made in terms of its High-Involvement Planning™ (HIP) process and in looking ahead at the future to the different kinds of factors that might impact the company’s efficiency or financial health.

Perhaps more importantly, Dube is thrilled with how the growing financial literacy skills among his team has begun to impact them in their personal lives as well. He points to the example of one Millennial-aged team member who was excited to report that, thanks to the skills he had learned at work, he had established a positive net worth on his personal balance sheet for the first time in his life.

“The GGOB is a transformational force,” says Dube. “It’s not just changing your business, it’s changing lives for the better. It’s why we do this.”


“Big picture and Buy-in! The Great Game of Business has given every team member, regardless of position or level, the ability to make major and lasting contributions to our organization. It has assisted with the transformation of several different departments doing their parts in a larger machine to a single functioning unit all moving in the same direction, with the same dedicated purpose! Also, the MiniGames make things fun while increasing our bottom line significantly since we started playing the big game.” ~ Nicholas Hienton, Director – Remote Technical Team


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