Gathering of Games - call for speakers

Call for Speakers Now Open

Being a speaker at The Gathering of Games is a great opportunity to not only identify yourself as a leader in open-book community and gain the accolades of multitudes of adoring fans, but also get a FREE CONFERENCE REGISTRATION! You know you want to be there anyway… why not get a free registration and a flashy “speaker” badge while you’re at it?! Anyone wishing to speak at the Annual Gathering of Games must submit a speaker proposal, which will be evaluated by the Practitioner Council. The deadline for proposals is March 21, 2018. The Practitioner Council will choose speakers and sessions based on the goals and objectives of the conference, as well as speaker qualifications.

Submission Deadline
March 21, 2018
Learn More and Submit a Proposal

Would you like to be a speaker, but unsure what to do a session on? 

Here are some questions to get you thinking…
  • What aspect of The Great Game does your company do really well that you would love to show off? 
  • Do you have an exciting financial literacy program that other practitioners could learn from? 
  • How did you originally instill (and now reinforce) the idea of forward forecasting with your team? 
  • Have you cracked the code on dealing with common challenges like multiple locations, nay-sayers spoiling the fun, a multillingual workforce...?
  • Do you have creative ideas for developing amazing scoreboards that engage employees?  Maybe you could do a session on “10 Must-Haves for Marvelous Scoreboards”, sharing pictures of some of the great ones you’ve used…?
  • Are MiniGames your strength? You’ve probably got lots of examples to share.
  • Can you guide GGOB beginners asking the question “I’ve launched the Game, now what?”  Help others learn from your successes (and failures)!
  • Can you speak from experience on the importance of humility in leadership? Put your humiity aside and share your wisdom!
  • Have you discovered a variety of highly-effective technology platforms for sharing the numbers and engaging employees? Don’t keep them a secret!
  • How do you get everyone, down to your front-line employees, involved in building your strategic plan and annual budget? (Do you excel at "H.I.P."?)
  • What’s your process for finding your critical number each year?  Do you have a step-by-step you could share?  What about departmental scoreboards?
  • What are your tried-and-true methods for conducting kick-a Huddles?  What does your number-flow look like?  What makes your huddles special?
  • Do you involve vendors and/or customers in your Game?  How do you do it, and what are the pay-offs?
  • What are the fun ways you give rewards and recognition?  What makes these so powerful, and what pointers could we give others?
  • Do you have a highly-effective employee committee to help keep everyone involved?  Bet you have some great videos to share!
  • Have you perfected the employee on-boarding process to get everyone up-to-speed on GGOB quickly?  Do tell!!
  • What’s your secret for keeping the Game alive?  Maybe design your session around a Top 10 List…?
  • Or on the opposite side of the coin – do you have great pointers about what NOT to do when implementing GGOB, an ESOP, a business literacy program, etc.?
Still a little iffy?  Give us a call to talk through some ideas!  Ring 1.800.386.2752 and ask for Kristi.