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  // I am registered for the conference.  How do I "attend"?

Shortly after you are registered, you will receive an event site email from CONFERENCE INFO // 28th Annual Great Game Conference <> with more information and a link to access the conference site.  If you don't immediately see this email, you might check your spam folder.  Please be sure to whitelist that address, as we will send periodic conference updates from the same name/address.

If you are registered, you may also access the event site using the LOGIN link above next to "Tshirts".  That will take you to the event site, where you will enter the email address you were registered under.


  // With company registration does each person only get 1 pre-conference workshop or do they have access to all and can attend multiple pre-cons?

Company Registrations come with 6 individual logins, giving those 6 people access to everything: ALL the pre-conference workshops, breakout sessions, networking events, conference game, and main stage presentations.


  // Do we need to be able to provide names for every employee we sign up for the Conference? - What if I don't have names yet or they are subject to change?

If you don't have the names of all six of your participants finalized, you can insert placeholders using TBDs for the names and (then TBD2@... etc) for the email addresses.

Your confirmation email will include a confirmation number and link to log back in to your registration, where you can update the participant information as soon as you know it. We recommend you do this as soon as possible so individuals don't miss out on any important details we share by email.


  // If a company wants to add, change, or make edits to their group of attendees how do they do that and when is the LAST day they would be able to make those changes?

Using the confirmation number and link in your confirmation email, you can log back in to your profile at any time to update the participant information. We ask that you update that information as soon as you have it, as we will send out information to participants on an on-going basis, sharing information about how the conference will work and keeping everyone up to date on all the excitement!  Be sure to update this information before August 17th if your participants are planning to attend the pre-conference workshops starting on August 18.  After that date, please contact us at


  // Who will receive the registration information for the company - does the registration require a "team lead" or a specific point of contact for a company to help avoid confusion?

The first name entered into the Company Registration will become the Primary Registrant, and the other five (or more, depending on if you choose to add additional registrants for a fee) will be "under" that registration. All will receive a confirmation email, but only the first will have the fee information on it. All will receive event updates, but the Primary Registrant will have access to make changes to the group's registration (such as updating names or adding participants).


  // Will the conference officially start on Wed or Thurs?

The conference dates are officially Wednesday, September 9 through Friday, September 11, though we are offering pre-conference workshops and a community digital scavenger hunt in the weeks leading up to the conference, as well some special activities after the conference. Day One of the conference (Wednesday) features our powerful main stage presentations, and Day Two and Three (Thursday and Friday) is the more individualized, interactive breakout sessions, roundtable conversations, Ask an Expert lunches, and community Happy Hours.


  // When the sessions will start and end each day and what time zone those will be based on so I can translate those times to my time zone?

The conference will be live Wed - Fri (Sept 9-11) from 10am to 5:15pm CDT.  The conference app will automatically adjust session times based upon the time zone your computer settings.


  // In the past you've done some pre-sessions on Wed for an extra fee. Will there be elective sessions?

We are offering 10 pre-conference workshops, and ALL are accessible with each individual login. The workshops are scheduled on various days between August 18 - September 3, so sign up early NOW to get access to all the content.


  // How will you provide networking opportunities?

Participants in this virtual conference will have many opportunities to network with other members of the community, including 1:1 video chats with recommended connections, special topic small group roundtables - all of which will be explained in the conference platform.


  // Will I be able to leave breakout sessions for others?

Yes, you can pop in an out of breakout sessions (live or on-demand) at will. The set up will be similar to a webinar, so no one will see you come or go.

Pre-conference workshops are a little different - those will be set up like a Zoom meeting (two-way audio and video), but that doesn't mean you can't still pop in and out if necessary (though we're sure you'll want to stick around from start to finish!)


  // How much of the conference is interactive versus pre-recorded?

Approximately 80/20. The main stage presentations will include a mix of live and recorded presentations, but will still have interactive elements. The pre-conference workshops, breakout sessions, happy hours, roundtable discussions, Ask an Expert lunches, and 1:1 meetings will all be live and interactive.


  // How many people will be allowed to be in each session?

There is an unlimited availability for viewing each breakout session and the main stage presentations, though there will be limitations on the pre-conference workshops and roundtable discussions.  


  // What if I have questions during the session but there isn’t time to get them all answered?

The beauty of a Q&A scroll means that any questions that aren't answered live, we have a record of and can provide the answer to after the session, or possibly after the conference.  Speakers will be encouraged to circle back to the scroll after the session to answer any unanswered questions, and any questions still without a response, we will track down for you!


  // Do we have to do video or can we just listen?

Roundtable discussions and 1:1 meetings will require video, but main stage presentations and breakout sessions will be one-way video/audio only.  Pre-conference workshops, Ask an Expert Lunches and Happy Hours will be in a Zoom-setting, and you may choose to have your camera/mic on or off (though we recommend "ON!").


  // What platform is being used for the virtual conference? (i.e. will I need to download something and is it compatible with Mac?)

We are using a platform called Swapcard, which will be accessible directly through a browser. Because of the advanced programming in the desktop application, it is recommended that you use a recent browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc). Internet Explorer is not supported.  The website is responsive, so it will work well on a phone or tablet, but if you'd like to use a mobile app, download the Swapcard app and access the event from there:


  // Is it okay for me to broadcast the sessions in a conference room and let my other employees watch?

We love the opportunity being virtual gives for getting more people involved in the community! Individual registrations allow for individual participation in the conference (viewing and networking), but if you sign up with the Company Registration, you have a license to broadcast the main stage sessions (Wednesday only) to your team or assembled guests.


  // Will recorded versions of sessions be available so I can access them later?

Recordings of the main stage presentations and breakout sessions will be available on-demand for 30 days after the conference, found right where they originally aired in the conference platform.