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Roles and Responsibilities

The Great Game of Business Practitioner Council represents the caliber and commitment of participants that will be found at the conference itself. Each of these advisory committee members plays a crucial role in steering the conference agenda and each is committed to the conference’s success.  

The purpose of the Practitioner Council is to provide broad advice to the Great Game staff regarding the direction of The Great Game of Business Conference, including suggesting possible speakers, topics and themes, to ensure that the conference is relevant and applicable to the meeting attendees, and that it supports the goals and needs of open-book management companies.  All members of the Practitioner Council attend and have active roles at the conference, and also serve on the evaluation panel for conference speaker submissions. 


Duties and expectations 

  • Council members will be asked to complete a variety of assignments in preparation for the conference, such as contacting potential speakers or sponsors, evaluating speaker proposals, providing feedback, etc.  

  • Practitioner Council members are expected to attend the conference, including the Conference Overview meeting for key player (speakers, coaches and Practitioner Council), the Wednesday before the Thursday/Friday conference.  

  • During the conference, Council members will have “ambassador” duties, which may include greeting participants, serving as room monitors, answering participant questions, etc. 

  • Post conference, Council members will meet with key conference staff for a wrap-up meeting to discuss the conference and make recommendations for future conferences, and the next Practitioner Council.


Membership of the Practitioner Council is on a voluntary basis. Council members will not be remunerated, however will receive complimentary registration to The Great Game of Business Conference that they assisted in planning (up to $1,450 value).  All travel and accommodations for the conference are the responsibility of the Council members. 


Measures of Achievement  

The measures of success for the Council are:  

  • Overall conference Net Promoter Score.   

  • Target attendance and revenue numbers reached or exceeded.  


Council Selection 

If you are interested in applying to be a member of the Practitioner Council, contact Kristi Stringer – kstringer@ggob.com.