The Great Game of Business CEO Summit is the event of the year for CEOs!


About The CEO Summit

The CEO Summit brings together the leaders of Great Game practitioners for inspiration, insights, and meaningful, problem-solving discussions. Participant CEOs will learn to leverage opportunities and walk away with action plans to better position themselves, their companies and their employees for the future. 


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Why Attend

The CEO Summit provides business owners the opportunity to:

  • connect and collaborate with CEOs from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds
  • exchange ideas,
  • learn from one another's experiences
  • forge valuable relationships that can propel their businesses forward.
  • take part in sessions specifically designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by business owners and CEOs

When Is It?

Wednesday, September 6

8:45 AM - 5:00 PM


Topics and Speakers

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Our esteemed lineup of speakers, industry experts, and thought leaders will share their invaluable wisdom, strategies, and best practices. The CEO Summit sessions are thoughtfully designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities that business owners and CEOs face every day, ensuring you leave with practical takeaways to implement immediately.

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  • attracting and retaining talent with Tom Olivo (author, coach, and expert in performance measurement and talent management) and Ann Rhoades (former Chief People Officer at Southwest Airlines and Promus Hotel Group, founding EVP of People at JetBlue, and author) 

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  • visionary leadership and organizational structure with Dean Meyer (author and expert on organizational transformations)

Sam Reese & Jack Stack-2


  • marketplace insights from Sam Reese (CEO of Vistage Worldwide) and Jack Stack (President/CEO of SRC Holdings Corp)

John Kennedy


  • facilitation provided by popular speaker John Kennedy






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Forge Meaningful Connections

CEO Summit networking

The CEO Summit provides an unparalleled networking environment, where you can connect with fellow CEOs from diverse industries and backgrounds. The conversations, insights, and collaborations that emerge from this gathering can be invaluable in driving your business forward.



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Connect with like-minded leaders while learning from and challenging each other. Reflect on what you've learned from past experiences while taking in new ideas to support, sustain, and grow your people and company. Use the opportunity to spring-board into the Conference, building on connections and ideas.

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Collaborate with fellow Great Game CEOs, 'number two's', SRC executives, Jack Stack, and other thought-leaders to help get your leadership team out of the weeds and ready to approach the future with strength and confidence.

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No leader has all the answers, but there are principles and practices for building great companies. The CEO Summit is a time for leaders to come together to learn those principles, learn from each other, and find camaraderie in CEOs experiencing similar situations.

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When you register for the 2023 CEO Summit (held September 6th, 8;45 AM - 5:00 PM the day before the Conference), you also get access to the Wednesday evening networking reception!

CEO Summit Pass

Register For The Conference Kansas City, MO |September 6-8


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Registration Info

CEOs *and their identified successors* can register for the 2023 CEO Summit whether or not attending the Great Game Conference.