The Great Game of Business CEO Summit is an exclusive event for CEOs who are members of The Great Game of Business Community.

And because succession planning is so important in the Great Game of Business and any successful company, we are also happy to welcome *identified CEO successors* to register along with their CEO for this event. 


Discussions and Connections



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Connect with Other Great Game CEOs

This year's CEO Summit will be held in conjunction with the 30th Annual Great Game of Business Conference, September 7th at the Loews Hotel Kansas City. 

Attendees can look forward to a day long summit bringing together the leaders of other Great Game practitioners for inspiration, insights, and meaningful, problem-solving discussions. Participant CEOs and their successors will learn to leverage opportunities and walk away with action plans to better position themselves, their companies and their employees for the future.




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Insight From Thought Leaders

Hear From Jack Stack and Other Inspiring Leaders

Discussion will focus on becoming a better leader, which also means being prepared for the next 5 to 10 years. We will be talking about seeing around corners, knowing the trends that are coming, how the Great Game™ can help you prepare for the future, and what other GGOB leaders are doing in light of the challenges and opportunities we have in front of us.

A key part of leadership development is having a strong succession plan and giving opportunities for growth and education.  It is with that mindset that we are excited to have the person you have identified as your successor register and join you at this event.

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CEO Summit Connection

Connect with like-minded leaders while learning from and challenging each other. Reflect on what you've learned from past experiences while taking in new ideas to support, sustain, and grow your people and company. Use the opportunity to spring-board into the Conference, building on connections and ideas.

CEO Summit - Collaboration (1)

Collaborate with fellow Great Game CEOs, 'number two's', SRC executives, Jack Stack, and other thought-leaders to help get your leadership team out of the weeds and ready to approach the future with strength and confidence.

CEO Summit - Camaraderie

No leader has all the answers, but there are principles and practices for building great companies. The CEO Summit is a time for leaders to come together to learn those principles, learn from each other, and find camaraderie in CEOs experiencing similar situations.

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When you register for the 2022 CEO Summit (held 8am-5pm the day before the Conference), you also get EXCLUSIVE access to our CEO Reception (hotel rooftop, Tuesday night) and the Conference networking reception (offsite, Wednesday night).

CEO Summit Price


Registration Info

Community Member CEOs *and their identified successors* can register for the 2022 CEO Summit whether or not attending the Great Game Conference. 

TO REGISTER: use the Conference registration form (link at the top of each page) and add a ticket to the Summit in the third registration tab entitled "Optional In-Person Events".  You will need your special Community access code, which can be found here.