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Calling all forward-thinking leaders of employee-owned companies! It's time to connect the dots between your ESOP and your associates. At The Great Game of Business Conference, we can help you unlock the full potential of your organization and ESOP by unleashing employee motivation across your organization.


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Why The Great Game of Business Conference is A Perfect Match For ESOP Companies


The Great Game of Business system offers something all ESOP companies are looking for – employee engagement, associates who take ownership of the company, and a way to optimize an ESOP as a way to build motivation and accountability amongst employees. The Great Game of Business is a proven system used to accomplish all of the above, and our annual conference allows you to experience it for yourself and learn how to do it!

Why Offering Equity Alone Won't Work as An Engagement Tactic:

There is a common belief that Employee-Ownership is all about owning stock. We hear it over and over again - "I gave my employees ownership, but they just don't seem to care." Equity-sharing certainly plays a critical role, but you don't get an ownership culture simply by giving stock to employees. This thought process can lead to disappointment and misunderstanding. 

For associates to think and act like owners or understand the value of an ESOP, they first have to understand how the business works and how an ESOP can help them create wealth for themselves.

The Great Game of Business is the perfect match for ESOP companies because we believe in sharing wealth with those who help create it—something employee-owned companies already do. We believe sharing in the company's rewards CAN motivate employees, but only once associates are EDUCATED on how an ESOP works and why owning stock in the company is a terrific way to build wealth for themselves – something our business coaches can help teach. Once they understand this, they'll be more interested in helping the business grow.

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Why ALL ESOP Companies Should Attend This Conference

Network with Like-Minded Leaders


Network with Like-Minded Leaders

 Surround yourself with a community of like-minded professionals passionate about employee ownership. The Great Game of Business Conference offers a unique platform to connect, share experiences, and learn from other CEOs and executives who have successfully implemented the game in their organizations.


Playing The Game in An ESOP Company


See What Playing The Great Game of Business Looks Like Inside of An ESOP Company

Attend The Great Game of Business Conference for a first-hand look at the transformative power of playing the game within the unique organizational structure of an ESOP company. The conference offers an exclusive chance to witness real-life success stories and engage in meaningful conversations with fellow CEOs of employee-owned companies who have already implemented The Great Game of Business principles.


Open-Book Management


 See First-hand How Open-book Management Can Help Employees Think, Act, and Feel Like Owners

See the transformative effects of open-book management for yourself! See how The Great Game of Business can truly transform employees into passionate, proactive, and empowered owners of the company. Witness employees who are well-informed about the financial health of their companies, actively contributing to goal-setting, and making data-driven decisions to grow their organizations.

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Jeff Becker


“I was excited because we were now all owners and in this together. I thought that would flip the switch and get everyone engaged. But that didn’t happen. You can have t-shirts and mugs and all the employee-owned swag you can think of, but it doesn’t mean anything if people don’t have an underlying understanding of what employee ownership really means. Thanks to rolling out financial literacy training, assigning line-item ownership on the P&L, and building line of sight with associates, everyone now has a much better understanding of being an owner."


- Jeff Becker, CEO, Pegasus


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The Benefits of Playing The Great Game of Business Inside an Employee-Owned Company



Foster a Culture of Accountability

Accountability is the cornerstone of any high-performing organization. Our conference equips you with the tools, strategies, and frameworks to instill a sense of ownership and responsibility throughout your workforce. By harnessing the power of the open-book management system, you create a culture where everyone is accountable for their actions and outcomes.

Empower Your Employees

Empower Your Employees

The Great Game of Business empowers team members to think and act like business owners. By sharing financials, setting measurable goals, and fostering a culture of open communication, you cultivate a workforce that is motivated, invested, and eager to contribute to your company's success.

Drive Sustainable Growth-2

Drive Sustainable Growth

Employee ownership thrives when combined with a comprehensive business education. At The Great Game of Business Conference, you gain invaluable insights from industry experts, renowned thought leaders, and successful practitioners. Learn practical techniques to improve financial literacy, drive profitability, and ensure long-term sustainability for your employee-owned company.

Creativity and Innovation-2

Unleash Creativity and Innovation

Collaboration flourishes when individuals feel valued and have a vested interest in the company's success. By incorporating The Great Game of Business principles, you unlock the untapped potential of your workforce, fostering a culture that embraces innovation, problem-solving, and continuous improvement.

The Great Game of Business Conference is your gateway to a game-changing experience that will revolutionize your company's performance and culture.
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Download Tools

White Paper – 5 Rules For Building A True Ownership Culture

5 Rules For Building a True Ownership Culture

This white paper covers the 5 musts for creating an ownership culture, why employees have to understand equity before they're motivated by it, and the steps for communicating your ESOP to employees.


ESOP 101 Training Bite Thumbnail  (1)-2

ESOP Training Bites

These handouts cover what an ESOP is, why a company would choose to use one, and how they work. These handouts are a great way to educate employees on the basics of their ESOP.



The Great Game of Business Audiobook

Get the audio files from our original book, The Great Game of Business! Learn the benefits of teaching your employees how to make money, the myths of management, how to create a culture of winning, and more!