Wednesday, sept. 6, 2023


Enhance your conference experience even further with a full extra day of meals, workshop sessions, and a lively networking reception to round out the day. Attend any of three full-day sessions (The Game Overview, the CEO Summit, or the Personal Financial Literacy Bootcamp) OR your choice of two half-day sessions (one in the a.m. and one in the p.m.)



Full-Day Workshops

If you've read the book The Great Game of Business, you're probably asking yourself, "Is The Game for real? Can it really produce rapid financial results and lasting cultural change?"

The answer is YES; and for more than 30 years, we've been sharing our proven operating system for educating, empowering and engaging employees at all levels of the company with business people all around the world.


  • a complete Great Game of Business overview
  • an employee panel Q&A
  • a full MiniGames training session

Recommended for:

  • attendees from companies considering or in the beginning stages of implementation.
  • new hires at current practitioners

Companies that play The Great Game of Business invest in their associates to make sure everyone understands the language of business and what the numbers mean on the financial reports shared in Huddles.  Additionally, they give their teams the tools to know how they impact the numbers. So why shouldn't employees play The Game in their home life? 

If business is preparing for a downturn in the economy, organizations should be educating their employees on how to prepare to not only survive an economic downturn, but how to thrive in their personal life. If employees have financial peace in their personal life, they will make better decisions at work and be much more productive than employees who are stressed out about their finances. 

BONUS:  there will be an inline Train-the-Trainer thread throughout the workshop to give those tasked with teaching this topic the tools they need to present.

Cover these Topics:

  • Take a Snapshot—Your Personal Financial Statements
  • Emergency Funds
  • Loans and Credit Cards
  • Creating Better Credit Choices
  • Controlling your Future
  • Planning and Budgeting

Participants will leave the workshop with not only a plan on how to improve their finances, but also the inspiration to act on it!

Recommended for:

  • anyone looking to get a better understanding of their personal finances
  • those tasked with helping associates improve their personal financial literacy


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Exclusively for CEOs

The CEO Summit brings together the leaders of Great Game practitioners for inspiration, insights, and meaningful, problem-solving discussions. Participant CEOs will learn to leverage opportunities and walk away with action plans to better position themselves, their companies and their employees for the future.  Features include:

  • attracting and retaining talent with Tom Olivo (author, coach, and expert in performance measurement and talent management) and Ann Rhoades (former Chief People Officer at Southwest Airlines and Promus Hotel Group, founding EVP of People at JetBlue, and author)  
  • visionary leadership and organizational structure with Dean Meyer (author and expert on organizational transformations)
  • marketplace insights from Sam Reese (CEO of Vistage Worldwide) and Jack Stack (President/CEO of SRC Holdings Corp)
  • in-depth discussions with other Great Game CEOs 
  • facilitation provided by popular speaker John Kennedy

Learn More About The CEO Summit


Half-Day Workshops

8:45 am to 12:15 pm 

Participants will learn how to apply the principles from Ann Rhoades' books, Built on Values; Creating an Enviable Culture that Outperforms the Competition.

This interactive workshop is designed to give participants the tools to develop a Values-Based Culture. Participants will leave with an action plan to create a “culture by design” for their organization.

Instruction, discussion and activities will focus on:

  • developing a Values Blueprint®.
  • interviewing applicants based on Values.
  • reinforcing a culture around the Values.
When participants complete the workshop, they will be able to:
  1. Define Behaviors for a Values Blueprint.
  2. Develop behavioral interview questions for Values.
  3. Plan a recognition program designed to reinforce Values.
  4. Create an action plan to develop an organizational culture that is Built on Values®.

Critical leadership beliefs and characteristics are present in all great open-book leaders—leadership characteristics that support the leadership system and give it authenticity and momentum. If these characteristics are not present in your leaders of The Game, the system may not reach its full potential and may be at risk of failing.

Is leadership different in a Great Game organization?

40 years of experience says YES.  

Leading in a Great Game organization requires you to reflect on not only your style of leadership but also on how you will develop others as your organization grows. It all begins with a genuine belief in people and in fostering mutual respect and trust.

Join Great Game Executive Trainer Michele Bridges for a half-day deep dive exploring how leadership is built, brick by brick.  Discover how shared beliefs play into effective leadership, learn about the four main characteristics of successful Great Game leaders, and explore how to master Jack Stack’s Four Pillars of Leadership.

Key takeaways include exercises to evaluate your leadership environment, and a comprehensive guide to leadership development.

1:15 pm to 5:00 pm 

Communication Styles-png

Communication is hard. It is not only important to know how you like to communicate, but crucial to understand how others like to communicate.

People always say they need more communication and everyone believes that they are good communicators. We also have a growing number of methods to communicate: phone, text, group messages on multiple platforms, meetings, zoom calls, and so much more. But the truth is, we all communicate differently, and how we communicate directly impacts whether someone can effectively interpret our messages.
In this workshop:
  • we will show participants the four types of communication styles
  • have them discover their type
  • talk through ways to most effectively communicate with each type

Have you ever wondered why you get along better with some coworkers than others? Are you wanting to understand those you work with better?

This workshop will identify and explain the neuroscience of emotional development. It will provide tools to create a safer work environment by understanding the basics of the brain’s emotional development. Participants will better understand how the story they carry with themselves and where they are in adult development impact the workplace. Strategies will be identified on how to motivate for the behaviors needed in the workplace. The workshop will also cover how to have more safety and belonging in the workplace.
In this workshop, you will:
  • Learn to identify and explain the neuroscience of emotional development
  • Create a safer work environment by understanding the basics of emotional development in the brain
  • Better understand how the story you carry of yourself and where you are in adult development impacts the workplace
  • Identify how to motivate for the behaviors that you want
  • Learn how to have more safety and belonging in the workplace


Pre-Conference Workshops-1

Today's consumers are savvy and sophisticated. They seek genuine interactions and reject any attempts at manipulation to meet sales quotas.

This won't be your traditional sales training workshop filled with tired closing tactics and out-of-touch ABC mentality. It's nearly 2024, and it's time we adapt our sales techniques to connect effectively with today's empowered consumers. The ever-changing economic landscape demands that we let go of strategies from three years ago, as they no longer hold true in today's dynamic market.

In this workshop, we'll emphasize treating customers as respected equals and engaging in authentic conversations. Say goodbye to the old notion of "closing" deals, and open your mind to the powerful concept of DPIs and understanding your unique Sales DNA. By adopting principles from the Great Game of Business, we'll bring excitement, meaning and maybe even a little fun to the sales process, making it enjoyable for both you and your customers.

2023 Off-Site Networking Reception

One of the best aspects of collecting the Great Game community together is the amazing people you'll meet!  We design the conference to maximize networking opportunities with like-minded, like-hearted businesspeople, and our Wednesday night networking reception takes that philosophy to the next level! 

Last year we celebrated 30 years of the GGOB Conference with a 90s-themed concert... this year will be more low-key, with lots of food, drinks, and fun activities to serve as the perfect backdrop for making new friends and reuniting with old ones.  Great Game practitioners are the coolest of the cool, and we look forward to making lots of new memories with you!  

NOP - shuffleboardJoin us Wednesday night, September 6th, from 6:30 to 9:30pm at No Other Pub in the Power & Light District.  We'll be taking over the 21,000 sq ft facility, a one-of-a-kind sports bar, gaming parlor and social lounge, where you'll enjoy:

- plenty of gourmet food and an open bar
- lots of space to move around, play, mingle and network (including several quiet corners)
- unlimited games & activities, including bowling, golf, table tennis, shuffleboard, video games, foosball, darts, and more!
- 10x15 foot video wall and lots big screen TV's

No Other Pub is within walking distance from the Loews Kansas City, but your All-Access Upgrade entitles you to door-to-door transportation all night long. 




When you buy the All-Access Upgrade, you get access to EVERYTHING on Wednesday! We've packaged all pre-conference events into one ticket with the discounted price of just $650.

Great Game Community members save even more, getting the All-Access Upgrade for ONLY $250!

You will have access to:

  • Wednesday workshops
  • breakfast and lunch on Wednesday
  • the Wednesday night off-site networking event at No Other Pub (includes transportation, food, entertainment and open bar)