Community Benefits

You're not alone anymore

Build a Successful Business on a Successful Business Operating System

You don't have to build your consulting and coaching business on your own anymore. We are committed to building a first-class community of value-based, forward-thinking, results-oriented Great Game® coaches. 

The Great Game® Coaching Framework

An Overview of Benefits

  • Two bestselling books; The Great Game of Business (Currency/Doubleday, 1994) and A Stake in the Outcome (Doubleday, 2002)
  • Certified open-book management implementation training and support
  • The Annual Coaches Summit for continuing education and best practices
  • Online resource portal, LMS, and development forums
  • Commissions on GGOB-sponsored workshops and products
  • Complimentary registration at GGOB’s annual conference, The Gathering of Games
  • Ongoing content refinement and new supporting best-practice development
  • Established marketing engine focused on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content and adding value at every stage in your customer's buyer journey
  • 25+ year community of All-Star practitioners


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