Over the past quarter century, the Great Game of Business has highlighted the people and organizations who have taken the principles of teaching people the rules of business, keeping score, and sharing a stake in the outcome to the next level. The winners of these All-Star Awards proved that they understood the value of building a business of businesspeople.

The All-Star Awards Have Been Restructured!

In 2023, the Great Game decided to change things up a bit. The team decided to rework the All-Star Awards process in a way that would make it less onerous to apply, more objectively data-driven, and potentially more meaningful to the winners—especially as the War for Talent continues. We wanted to highlight those companies who have used Great Game™ to create “healthy companies,” in their pursuit of becoming an employer of choice.


To determine the winners, we broke down the judging process into three categories:

1. Healthy finances

2. Healthy culture

3. Healthy people


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What Makes A Healthy Company All-Star?

The prestigious list of Healthy Company All-Stars include organizations from around the globe that have shown unwavering commitment to CHANGE THE GAME by doing business differently through creating a winning workplace culture that delivers industry leading financial performance and best in class employee engagement.

Healthy Company All-Star Companies Exemplify the Following:

Healthy finances. To be considered financially healthy, a company must meet or beat its industry averages as measured by financial ratios such as profit growth, cash generation, asset utilization, and return on investment.
Healthy culture. The second parameter applying organizations must pass is the level of employee engagement and how well they embrace the principals and practices of the Game as determined by the results of their company-wide surveys.
Healthy people.  The third measurement is based on an interview to determine what policies and practices the company has in place where it invests in the well-being and future of its employees.





In 2023, 17 companies from all around the globe earned their place in the final round of judging. Six organizations emerged as this year’s Healthy Company All-stars!

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IntrustIT Logo
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Hildebrandt Tree Tech Logo
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HG Group
Cherrys Industrial
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TSG Total Solutions Group
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417 Magazine

Springfield, MO

intrust IT

Cincinnati, Oh


Fredricksburg, VA

Essential Ingredients

Lawrenceville, GA

Virtual Business Partners

Cebu, Cebu City, Philippines

Keep Supply

Springfield, MO

Argent Tape & Label

Plymouth, MI

Hildebrandt Tree Tech

Lubbock, TX


Bloomington, IL

HG Group

Carterton, New Zealand

Jenner Ag

Harristown, IL | Taylorville, IL


Panama City, FL

Cherry's Industrial Equipment

Roselle, IL

1st Pet Veterinary Centers

Chandler, AZ

Total Solutions Group

Maitland, FL

English Tea Shop

Colombo, Sri Lanka


Why Apply For An All-Star Award-01-1

networking-36All-Star Awards are given to companies exemplifying excellence with their finances, culture, and people. This is your chance to let everyone know what your company has achieved!

What organization couldn’t use more recognition? 

As a Great Game of Business practitioner, you already know the value of recognizing and celebrating company-wide accomplishments. The Healthy Company All-Star Awards are a public acknowledgment that your company is unique - an organization that runs your business in a way that includes trust, business education, involvement, open communication, shared risks, and shared rewards. Send out a press release, tweet about it, make t-shirts, call your local business journal or TV station, hang banners, make a YouTube video of the celebration. Go ahead, do what you do best … recognize and celebrate the win!

Evaluate your process through a FREE employee survey. 

A yearly employee survey starts at $750, but you get the employee survey as an All-Star finalist for free, and this year will include the Rutgers comparison report! Use the process to evaluate how you’re doing in practicing open-book management. Reflect on what’s working and what’s not, listen to your employees, review the ‘Practice Scorecard,’ and see where improvements can be made. Let’s face it; we all want to know how we stack up to the ‘Best of the Best’ – that’s how we get better! Remember, it’s about continuous learning.

The Swag.

Each finalist will become part of an exclusive All-Star Team and will receive:

    • results of your employee surveys indicating the strengths and weaknesses of your open-book management practices
    • an official report from Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations
    • an industry-focused financial benchmarking tool
    • a written case study highlighting your story and results from practicing The Great Game of Business
    • and promotion by GGOB throughout the year

Additionally, All-Star Award Champions will receive:

  • a highlight video, documenting your Great Game journey and accomplishments
  • on-stage recognition by Jack Stack at a trophy presentation during The Great Game of Business Conference