Take Control of Your Team in 3 Sessions

Planning Accelerator 

The HIP Accelerator is great for businesses who are not already playing The Game, just starting The Game or deep into practicing The Great Game of Business™. No matter your level of playing The Game, the Accelerator will jump start your business for growth. 

The purpose of the HIP Accelerator is to:

  • Gain alignment among leadership team

  • Identify priorities, measurements and action plan

  • Establish your 3-month and 1-year plan

Over 2 separate 4-hour sessions you and up to 5 employees will: 

  • Learn why High Involvement Planning is first step to attaining your goals

  • Review industry trends

  • Perform a comprehensive SWOT analysis

  • Determine your top goals

  • Develop measures and drivers

  • Identify Champions

  • Establish your next 90-days

Learn more about the High-Involvement Planning Accelerator: