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Tom Strong

Tom Strong has always worked at the intersection of business development and social impact. He is the founder and principal of Open Book People, LLC, a coaching and consulting practice that helps for-profit, nonprofit, and social enterprise clients grow while engaging their employees and developing great workplace cultures. Open-book management is a central tool in Tom’s process, because it creates a way for everyone in the organization to understand its business model and their role in creating the numbers that define success.

Prior to starting his own venture, Tom worked for nearly a decade at The Hitachi Foundation, a DC-based philanthropy dedicated to the idea that businesses can create better jobs for low-income people without sacrificing performance. Tom led the Foundation’s programs in healthcare and food processing. The programs and partnerships Tom developed led to hundreds of lower-income workers receiving promotions and wage increases, while their employers saw measurable improvements in revenue, patient outcomes and other key metrics.

Tom is also on the steering committee to launch the Georgia Employee Ownership Center, expected in early 2019, and serves on the board of the Georgia Co-op Development Center. In his varied career Tom has also worked extensively in the retail and natural foods sectors. He has an MBA from The University of Arizona and a BA in Chinese from Reed College. Tom lives in Atlanta, GA and is an avid home cook, gardener, and board game player.


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