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Dale Meador

Dale Meador

Dale Meador is known for being a big thinker – for pushing the boundaries of his client’s (and his friend’s) comfort zones and their beliefs in their personal abilities. But not just big thinking – he is relentless about connecting big ideas with the details that make them happen. He honed these coaching skills while working with dozens of companies through his CPA firm since 2008 while implementing systems of strategic planning and financial controls. With this background in financial analysis, a focus on workflow and process design, and a passion to help people think bigger, he has the competence to help organizations achieve operational excellence.

In 2016, he founded Finanza Coach to connect entrepreneurs with the coaching and facilitation services needed to effectively grow their companies. Here, he provides training and planning workshops for CEOs and leadership teams of highly aspirational growth companies – specifically working with good teams who want to become great! He focuses his clients on building strong cultural cores while reaching higher and achieving more than they ever thought possible.

Dale was introduced to The Great Game of Business® as principal of his accounting firm and used it to improve both internal performance and help clients get the improvements they sought. It was a natural transition from working with clients on their financials specifically, to help them achieve the cultural change needed to sustain lasting financial results they want. While Dale uses tools from many toolkits in his coaching practices, Great Game™ is the platform that Dale uses to help his clients dive  deep and achieve the Rapid Financial Results and Lasting Cultural Change™ they are looking for. He believes there is simply no better platform to connect the elements of culture and finance in an organization, at home, or even one’s personal life.

Dale is married to Melina and they have a daughter, Samantha, and a son, Rex. While he grew up in the Midwest, his family loves and calls the Pacific Northwest home. They love to eat great food in Seattle or Portland, go power boating in and around the Puget Sound, and spend time with their family and friends - preferably with a bottle of Quilceda Creek Cabernet.

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