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Our online community is a gathering place for all CEOS, business leaders, and employees to learn, grow, and make valuable peer-to-peer connections. Inside this membership community, you will find hundreds of resources and tools to help sustain your company and apply and improve upon The Great Game of Business practices used to create rapid financial results and lasting cultural change.

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As a business leader, do you find yourself...

→ Looking for a better way to run your business

→ Looking for peer-to-peer relationships to influence growth and decision-making

→ Wanting employees to play a more active role in the company

→ Wishing your employees had a better understanding of the business

→ Looking for growth and education opportunities for your people


The Great Game of Business Community offers all of that and more!

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The Great Game of Business Community Will Help You:


Provide Financial Literacy Training To Employees

Give your people the tools they need to IMPACT the business, by first helping them UNDERSTAND the business.

Financial Literacy Training


Peer-to-Peer Connections (1)


Make Peer-to-Peer Connections

Learn from others in The Great Game of Business Community. Build relationships with business professionals who can inspire, support, and assist you with specific problems you come across in your journey.

Customize Employee Education By Job Position

Provide growth opportunities to your team in areas that apply SPECIFICALLY to them.

Education By Position


Connect With Certified Coaches


Connect With Great Game™ Certified Coaches

Got tough business questions? Our coaches have the answers! Reach out to a business coach to get the answers and feedback you need.

Gain Access To Courses and Tools Needed To Excel Your Business

Get all the tools, handouts, and on-demand courses you need to successfully implement the principles and practices of The Great Game of Business in your company.

Tools and Courses


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Tour The Great Game of Business Community!

Take a sneak peek look at what our Community Site has to offer! Email Rhonda Chapman to request a tour or free trial of the Great Game of Business Community site!

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We have several options to meet your team's needs!  Please note that team packages come with access to a company admin tool to add and remove team members, and team reports.  Membership options include:

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Small Team Package - CMTY


Large Team Package - CMTY


Additional Seats Package - CMTY (1)


Annually Monthly


Select your preferred Membership option:

Individual - $60/mo
Small Team (4-15 Members/Design Team) - $250/month
Company-Wide (16-50 Members) - $450/mo

Additional Members
($150 per 50)



Total Monthly Amount:

Save on your monthly rate with an annual plan

Select your preferred Membership option:

Individual - $600
Small Team (4-15 Members/Design Team) - $2,500
Company-Wide (16-50 Members) - $4,500

Additional Members
($1500 per 50)


Total Annual Amount:

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