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How Being a Great Story-Teller Can Transform Your Company

I can’t remember a single piece of advice my grandfather gave me, but I recall very clearly that as a child he took the money his family collected from selling eggs to the bank, and walked into the middle of a bank robbery. I remember that when he was a young parent, his sons became lost in a cornfield and it took a search team to find them. And I remember that last summer, shortly before his 93rd birthday, he tried water skiing.

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7 Reasons Organizational Knowledge Is Power

Historically, businesses using traditional management styles have been reluctant to give all of their employees the knowledge they need in order to make good business decisions day in and day out as they do their jobs. Open-book management takes a much different approach. It’s all about capturing and sharing both financial and organizational knowledge with every employee and empowering them to use that knowledge to contribute to the long-term success of the organization, as well as their own personal success. The benefits of knowledge sharing are numerous:

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The Management Style Every Millennial Should Know

Amy’s Ice Creams’ workforce is made up primarily of millennials, most of which are seasonal employees. It’s important to founder Amy Simmons to engage these employees during their short time with the company in order to make a lasting impact on their futures, as well as the success of the business. Amy’s Ice Creams, a long-time Great Game of Business practitioner, uses fun, fast paced and positive company-wide huddle rallies as one way to educate and engage their employees.

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Join us at the NCEO 2016 Employee Ownership Conference

From April 11–14, the Great Game of Business team will hit the road for Minneapolis, MN, for the NCEO 2016 Employee Ownership Conference.

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Four Characteristics of a Strong Critical Number

By definition, the Critical Number is the operational or financial number that represents a weakness or vulnerability that – if not addressed and corrected – will negatively impact the overall performance and long-term security of the business.

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The Fundamentals of Business and Open-book Management

In the late 1980s, I was a young sports reporter in Kansas City covering the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers game. The 49ers defeated the Chiefs, and they were on their way to a third Super Bowl Championship in seven years. In those days, the 49ers ruled the class of the league.

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Rewards That Will Strike Out With Your Team

Rewards are essential to The Great Game of Business. So much so that we should begin with its definition:

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The Efficiency MiniGame

Rolf Glass is a small manufacturer of decorative glassware in Pennsylvania that takes blank glassware and decorates it in one of many ways.

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23rd Annual Gathering of Games Award Nominees and Winners

This year's 23rd annual Gathering of Games honored several organizations for their outstanding work as Great Game of Business practitioners.

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The Collective Wisdom is Greater Than You

The Great Game of Business folks recently hosted their annual open-book management conference with this year’s theme, “The Wisdom of the Crowd.”

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