All-Star Awards

At the 25th Annual Gathering of Games Conference, The Great Game of Business will celebrate the 17th Annual All-Star Awards. These prestigious awards recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of companies from around the globe that have fully embraced the principles of open-book management and The Great Game of Business, and have demonstrated outstanding results.

The inspiration for the All-Star Awards came from the pioneers of open-book management themselves. Open-book management wasn’t theorized in a business school or dreamed up at some consulting think tank – it was created by everyday businesspeople much like you. Propelled by a handful of innovative companies, a whole new way of thinking about business was born. The All-Star Awards were created seventeen years ago to highlight the companies on the leading edge of this innovative management practice, who have discovered first-hand that when you harness the collective wisdom of your people, great things can and do happen.

But as Great Game practitioners know – it’s not just about generating profits, cash and wealth, but also about distributing it for the good of everyone involved. Therefore, All-Star players must embody a spirit of generosity and a willingness to openly spread the word to help others succeed. That is the essence of the All-Star Awards!

In addition to the coveted All-Star Achievement Award, The Great Game of Business will also confer three additional awards:

  • Rookie of the Year – This award recognizes the companies that have been practicing open- book management and The Great Game of Business for less than two years, but have achieved some remarkable results.
  • Pioneer Award – This award honors an organization that is the first in their field to implement and practice the methodology of The Great Game of Business and open-book management, and do so at a high level.
  • Hall of Fame Inductee – The Hall of Fame honors organizations that have operated using the principles of open-book management for more than a decade with lasting, proven results and have demonstrated a willingness to spread the word on open-book management in order to help others succeed.

Who Should Apply
Any organization, small or large, for-profit or non-profit, that operates using the principles of open-book management and The Great Game of Business are invited to apply.
There are only two application requirements:

 The organization must have been operating using the principles of open-book management and The Great Game of Business for a minimum of two (2) full years in order to be eligible for the All-Star Achievement Awards and six (6) months for the Rookie of the Year Award.

 The organization must have a minimum of five (5) full-time or part-time employees in order to be eligible the Awards.

Why Apply?
Recognition. What organization couldn’t use more recognition? As a Great Game of Business practitioner, you already know the value in recognizing and celebrating company- wide accomplishments.

Explore the 2016 All-Star Team!

Every year at the Gathering, we celebrate the accomplishments and dedication of companies who are doing an exceptional job at playing The Great Game of Business. Congratulations to each of the 2016 All-Star team members! View each finalist’s case study below:

Rookie of the Year Award:
· KBS Constructors

Rookie Team:
· Guy Engineering
· HB McClure
· imageOne
· Neo Mammalian Studios

All-Star Champions:
· CNH Industrial Reman
· Peterson Trucks, Inc.
· VanBelle Nursery
· West Paw Design

All-Star Team:
· 40 Digits
· Amy’s Ice Creams
· Argent International
· Argent Tape and Label
· Be Found Online
· Jenner Sales
· Kiolbassa Provision Company
· Mid America Metals
· Stellar Europe
· Willoway Nurseries, Inc.
· Zingerman’s Road House

Pioneer Award:
· Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks

Hall of Fame Inductee:
· New Belgium Brewing

Explore the 2015 All-Star Awards Winners!